Ever wondered what you can create for 5 to 10 hours and not have to change a disc fiddle with a record needle or sifting through your playlist as that one commercial just killed your creative juices?

Well this may help. Painstakingly crafted  sound to put you into that zone.

This is not that Zeta Theta brain stuff subliminally making you smarter (yeah right) There maybe a few surprises along the way. so keep watching this page for updates, Go to the Blog section for updates,



I make music in many variations to score films inside my head to words i write and paintings I paint.
I make noise , ambient techno EDM I work with what little I have, and still can be heard on radio from time to time from Berlin to Brazil

I am invisible in plain sight and lurk in the shadows of broad day light. I
am neither charming nor Fetching…   I am FM R IZ


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