long dreary summer new album though

underskycoverfront I know i haven’t been writing much, I’m not much of a blogger but i heard mercury was in retrograde… no seriously my new album is out. you might want to check it out.

Please remind me to not watch movie remakes I’d say what i was talking about,but My policy is not to be a critic. that gets you in karmic trouble. lets pray they never remake Close Encounters or Jaws. although True Grit was awesome I like both versions.

what else is going on?  Oh yes I bought a little  fishing tackle box. put my FM R IZ STUDIO sticker over the fishing logo and then packed it over time with various markers. Some Sharpies, Artist Loft and some exspensive Prism markers. I got two boxes of them. One is various colors and the other is 12 shades of grey or cool grey.

man am I having cool time, and i love how the ink bleeds onto the next page. they feel so heavy in your hand and thick. I’m planning on designing new band logo and album covers. Rich from Pink Dolphin records wants to put out another album

So I’m making designs having a blast at this point i have to reclaim this aweful summer and have a good time. this summer so dreadfulI I spent a week in the hospital for Pneumonia. So I’m staying creative. doing shifts of work on the synth then to the drawing board making stuff. i actually feel now I’m pulling it off.

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