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Zuckerberg testimony

For 2 years Facebook had a you owe me $28.00 because of a click bait promo they were selling mid ad campaign I couldn’t cancell the ad because it froze. NeedI state that the people who in the stats where non english. speaking people. who had no profile or content to who they are or interests… Yes a click bait. Just as I was about to enquire with a lawyer if I can get that off with this email… Yes it is amusing to watch Zuckerburg Squirm in a Suit and tie like a coward. Long story Short My bill Tacked to my Face Book page is gone! It was there yesterday. I then went just the payment section and it was gone.
Two years they hounded me for 28 bucks and I never paid I tried to talk to them but nobody would talk to me I would tried to to work out a deal. Lesson learned they’re add campaign or scam and Mark Zuckerburg is scum of the worst kind.