Hats off to Gary Holt

for voicing his stance on trump in a disagreement with Tom Araya. It truly is the end of Slayer for me anyway. Which Slayer was a beautiful cause of intrigue

I have a lot of feelings about this and yet I’m not a critic. But in saying  This subject was very pivotal and very special to me and my youth, and now as an old man the news is bitter Sweet

I saw Exodas During the Toxic Waltz Fabulous Disaster Era and Yes I had a great Time

I will always have respect for Gary and Dave Lombardo especially.  For He in my opinion is the greatest Drummer ever.

I wish everyone else in the band a wonderful life no matter our politics. but I ask. although we get older and yes more conservative than we realize. but do we have to be weirder caricatures of our parents?  Gary-Holt

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