HAS TAKEN DOWN MY VIDEOS I’m very sad about this I can understand some but one was an original I designed with photoshop.

With good news New Album coming soon


Zuckerberg testimony

For 2 years Facebook had a you owe me $28.00 because of a click bait promo they were selling mid ad campaign I couldn’t cancell the ad because it froze. NeedI state that the people who in the stats where non english. speaking people. who had no profile or content to who they are or interests… Yes a click bait. Just as I was about to enquire with a lawyer if I can get that off with this email… Yes it is amusing to watch Zuckerburg Squirm in a Suit and tie like a coward. Long story Short My bill Tacked to my Face Book page is gone! It was there yesterday. I then went just the payment section and it was gone.
Two years they hounded me for 28 bucks and I never paid I tried to talk to them but nobody would talk to me I would tried to to work out a deal. Lesson learned they’re add campaign or scam and Mark Zuckerburg is scum of the worst kind.

I OPENED AT THE 94 SPOT ON The OWM Top 100 Chart March 2018

I’m so honored  go check out the show down below but if you go to the station page it repeat later on today. tell them Craig or FM R IZ sent you.
77 New Entry Soniq Theater Squaring the Circle 157
78 42 ↓ 36 Natalie Jean Haiti Mwen Renmew 156
79 New Entry Rodrigo Rodriguez Classical Music Legacy of Japan 154
80 13 ↓ 67 Kathryn Kaye Reflected In A Flowing Stream 153
81 New Entry Ae Topus Totem Totum 151
82 New Entry Chad Hewitt White Space 150
83 91 ↑ 8 Renascence 2440 Millennial 149
84 68 ↓ 16 Frank Pels Piano Miniatures 148
85 86 ↑ 1 Doug Woods & Colin Powell Sally Caster and Denks and Klade – The
Mechanical Girl Takes Revenge 147
86 New Entry Andrew Kinsella Cosmic Dawn 146
87 New Entry Wychazel Akashic Dream 145
88 77 ↓ 11 Uwe Gronau When Every Word Was Singing 144
89 59 ↓ 30 Scott Lawlor Transition 143
90 25 ↓ 65 Jeff Pearce From the Darker Seasons 142
91 30 ↓ 61 MyklH Dark Light 141
92 26 ↓ 66 NoizeFilter Music Ambient Road 140
93 New Entry Michael Whalen Kiss the Quiet 139
94 New Entry FM R IZ Migration of the Fae 138
95 New Entry Greg Maroney Winter 137
96 New Entry Ian Boddy & Erik Wallo Meridian 136
97 New Entry Jim Pearce A Piano Story 135
98 44 ↓ 54 Bernward Koch Filled with Light 134
99 New Entry Santolo Maratta The Origin of the Universe 133
100 64 ↓ 36 Sherry Finzer & Peter Sheridan Traveler 13