Being sick

Hi Took some time off with close to pneumonia  with weeks of antibiotics.  I started working on stuff and did some retouching. well the sickness gave me time to back  up the truck and really listen to what I’m doing anyway wish me well.

Soon I will be changing my set  up the studio may get a boost of newness. will show and tell later

Hats off to Gary Holt

for voicing his stance on trump in a disagreement with Tom Araya. It truly is the end of Slayer for me anyway. Which Slayer was a beautiful cause of intrigue

I have a lot of feelings about this and yet I’m not a critic. But in saying  This subject was very pivotal and very special to me and my youth, and now as an old man the news is bitter Sweet

I saw Exodas During the Toxic Waltz Fabulous Disaster Era and Yes I had a great Time

I will always have respect for Gary and Dave Lombardo especially.  For He in my opinion is the greatest Drummer ever.

I wish everyone else in the band a wonderful life no matter our politics. but I ask. although we get older and yes more conservative than we realize. but do we have to be weirder caricatures of our parents?  Gary-Holt

While out of town

I was out of town today and I realized The United States are basically little Countries accept under the umbrella of being United. but although an 90 minute drive drown southward to Louisville and engaged with locals and enjoyed the subtle nuances of cultural variations in the english language. My new word for the day. is “Perfy” which is short for Perfect.
I understood what she was saying but I was taken a back hearing this. and everyone there was nice and Polite. in fact two people I admired come from Louisville. Muhammad Ali and writer Hunter S Thompson. throughout america its like we all speak English but because of figures of speech how and the hell do we expect foreigners to speak English when there to many
I mean no matter how well read I think I am, I realize I forgot the rules not that I care. I always was a fan of the word Ain’t which has been finally canonized in Websters Dictionary years ago including Bling Bling. Not 31 years ago.
over the years I would find myself saying words that spread out into multiple syllables or 2 words much like the all time favorite in the south. Y’all. My all time serious Butchering of Language, as Someone invited to lunch on campus I agreed and said yeah I guess I’ll go WIJUN. in both American and in the UK I think. I should have said Why yes I would like to Join You for Lunch together. I am also including the Typos in writing this
i could go on all day but I’ll leave you with these two Gems I discovered Its just Perfy