Still working on new material new contact information

talking with other Labels trying to find a more feasible way of making physical discs.not a fan of Jewel Cases. what is your opinion. my last album disc was a wallet and it turned out nice. this time I’m looking for drop ship any actual advice would be appreciated…..

And yes I’m noticing my grammar mistakes. I am just a man. its hard to being all members of your own team. so glad i don’t do Groupie duties. I’m not attracted to me… and chemistry is the most important thing. I may have some good new in this summer.

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I am in the works in a INDIGOGO project in developing my next album which is different the first physical disc was a best of from albums you purchase on amazon itunes and deezer.

this time a 200 limited print of new original albums. I have a distributor who will help me send albums in drop. for me the sweet part is i can now create long playing 1 track discs IN THE FUTURE

stay tuned