many thanks to Dereck Higgins for his review of my physical disc which is on sale




I have been jamming with Hawkwind for two days with a very young Lemmy which delights my heart. and drawing super killer Markers eventually I want to design my own album covers with my art work. So I’ve been practicing.


I am working on possibly a double album and I’m having a contest to name the album do you want to perhaps have a slice of immortality? do you want bragging rights of naming an album distributed all over the world? If so then just put on your thinking cap on and come up with a name for my album. if I like it. I may use it and in return you will be credited on my website and all of my platforms I currently use. you will also be given a down load of the album including outtakes and alternate mixes I  may even include  another album. This is not a cash prize contest. Contact me on face book twitter and google and let your creative mind guide you in this mission.

Contest ends late January. plenty of time.


I got mostly positive things to say. I was trying to open account with Music Platform one Rpm. Now i was excited because I’m on most of them and and I’m preparing to launch a new album I’m mixing…. and tweeking but when I signed up.  One Rpm says I’m already signed up but I can’t figure where I am and what email in linked

So I’m having a hard time. If anyone has a distributor that’s legit and not band camp or CD baby Label Works Refused me as a label but I’m both artists. so I’m still with distro kid I just wished they had a social aspect to it.

I also want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas . I hope you get a nice Synth or CD in your stockings.  and hey while your at it I several CD’s you buy. as a gift to yourself or the weirdo you love the most.

GET WEIRD WITH THIS CHRISTMAS AND CLICK THE PHOTO TO GO TO APPLE ITUNES AND TREAT YOUR YOURSELF. your weird and you deserve to chill…  It was a rough year wasn’t it? I hated it…. Remember every purchase goes to further my mission to better myself and to entertain you. I have more tools and the next will be amazing. It was a long hard year I almost was on major label and i was using very minimal equipment I worked very hard. Either way lets hope 2018 is sigh of relief