FM R IZReleased on September 25, 2019, via SCRYMSHAW REKORDS, FM R IZ’s new EP, Ephemeris, delivers an impressively hypnotic listening experience. The title track begins with the distant sound of a helicopter accompanied by droned string synths that build with intensity as new information is added.


Spiraling outward into a cosmic expansion, “Ephemeris” is not your typical electronic dance beat, but rather like a captivating soundscape that haunts and excites. It’s significant to mention that the music contains no vocals; instead, the electronic drums and synth textures create the dialogue. Sometimes agitated, and other times working clockwise in organized cogs, this song is a sonic pictograph of the inner workings of the artist’s brainwaves.

Slightly more than halfway through, the beat and arpeggiated synths drop out, leaving only the droned strings in an eerie call and response. This moment of sonic void adds to the already built-up suspense in the air, leaving the listener on their toes for what’s coming next. Finally, a low, heavy drone billows out from underneath the arrangement like a black hole enveloping all of the sound to end the song.

“Funnel Cake Vision” offers a more upbeat experience with frosted drumbeats, handclaps, and flange-y synths that resemble guitar strums. Shifting tectonically through industrially metallic timbres, this song is a great example of the modern age, futuristic synth wave trance music. FM R IZ whirs out warbled fragments of sampled sequences, dropping out and adding new information with each section to create a sort of multi-layered conversation between the percussion and synths. Reaching more than seven minutes in duration, “Funnel Cake Vision” makes it easy to get lost in the listening experience – washing over your mind, body, and soul like a hypnotic lullaby. The song is a galactic extraction of the subconscious mind that is both meditative and transports the listener to another realm.

The most upbeat of the three tunes, “Pure Cinema” grabs and holds the listener with its fast-paced hi-hats and drowned out synth twinkles. A very dance-able electronic trance soundscape, “Pure Cinema” is not a song that you’d typically put on a radio hits playlist. It is great music though to work along to, drive along to, or, naturally, to have a psychedelic experience along to. FM R IZ taps into the vortex of space, time, and sound, developing the song with great use of arranging by adding, dropping, and reintroducing transformative information. A welter of shrill, high-pitched synth waves pierces your eardrums, while lower arpeggios give structure and foundation to the otherwise dizzying fractals of sound. Suddenly, but as natural as death itself, the end of “Pure Cinema” dissipates into a silent void, leaving the listener in a relaxed state of inertia.

FM R IZ’s new EP, Ephemeris, is named suitably by definition: an astrological almanac revealing the positions of a heavenly body on a number of dates in a regular sequence. The music takes the listener through various dimensions of electronic arrangements as carefully articulated as the stars in the sky.

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While out of town

I was out of town today and I realized The United States are basically little Countries accept under the umbrella of being United. but although an 90 minute drive drown southward to Louisville and engaged with locals and enjoyed the subtle nuances of cultural variations in the english language. My new word for the day. is “Perfy” which is short for Perfect.
I understood what she was saying but I was taken a back hearing this. and everyone there was nice and Polite. in fact two people I admired come from Louisville. Muhammad Ali and writer Hunter S Thompson. throughout america its like we all speak English but because of figures of speech how and the hell do we expect foreigners to speak English when there to many
I mean no matter how well read I think I am, I realize I forgot the rules not that I care. I always was a fan of the word Ain’t which has been finally canonized in Websters Dictionary years ago including Bling Bling. Not 31 years ago.
over the years I would find myself saying words that spread out into multiple syllables or 2 words much like the all time favorite in the south. Y’all. My all time serious Butchering of Language, as Someone invited to lunch on campus I agreed and said yeah I guess I’ll go WIJUN. in both American and in the UK I think. I should have said Why yes I would like to Join You for Lunch together. I am also including the Typos in writing this
i could go on all day but I’ll leave you with these two Gems I discovered Its just Perfy

Album Review by Dance Music PR


thanks to Dance Music PR for the review it was very nice of the. You can check it out here or click on the Logo to take to there review.  otherwise read on.

The latest Album by FM R IZ (Ephemeris) is out now! A 14 track project of tightly crafted EDM both unique and organic in scope and range with old skool influences .

1 Radio Advert : Opens with old Skool Homage to 70’s 80’s radio advertising which falls into an ethereal drum beat in Mello Dance track titled 2 Air Mail which fails into 3 Never Stopped almost Tribal Metallic percussion with Computers keeping the ship going Then 4 Gyroskope is a serious track that keeps you under Surveillance. Making sure your behaving. very heavy on Drums and bass drenched in sure Paranoia.

The Next track 5 Lapis Lazuli is a Hypnotic Percussion with ringings from Far away Cave of Magical Stones. Then Title Track 6 Space Juice is that annoying music for Tropical Drink Commercials that remember when you were a kid with Aggressively Loud Arp that stops you dead in your tracks.

SPACE JUICE electronic music album

We then return to 7 Radio Advert (Dance Dub) with a constant beat with mixes of flamenco guitar the album goes further to what is definitive Single on the Album. heavy on bass and snare with a delicate arp groove with creamy feel and percussive finish. The 8th Track Passive Aggressor is a beginning of Favorites with good old fashion grooves and smooth Arps to back it up with Heavy bass and Computerized Musings. TRack 9 Seriousorang AKA Serious Orange, Starts out slow and takes off like an Orange Rocket with hard drums Trajectory pounding topped to an Arp Cosmos.

!0 Born to be Baked in a fast paced Dancable track that keeps going 11 another Favorite is Dial Tone, Back in the day you would call someone on pay phone get into a booth and come back out either angry or Super Man
12 Jet Sabr is another Fave With slow heavy starts and stops on the drums with a hint of Sax. 13 Persona Bubble is personal Jam For people who are alone this belongs only to you its quiet until the middle builds with lazy high hats and heavy snares and building Synth groove. Now Last the 14th Track In My Dreams, Another Fave and Definite end of an album as cryptic it is perhaps a Frightening Dreamy dance track that is the stuff of nightmares

The Artist Craig Caudill After four years of Solo work with different names RED Wave Cloned in Brazil Now with FM R IZ he begins a coherent version of himself and in the Case of Space Juice harnessing his work tightly Progressing his craft. Space Juice is a look back at the sounds that seeped into our consciousness in every jingle elements things both good and bad inhaling the best and worst like osmosis.


Been jammin to early Hawkwind and I see the without Lemmy the Band. although still good but with out Master of the Universe is the only good I’ve heard Post Lemmy.

this came in the mail from Notingham England and its good quality from EyeSore Merch.

20180320_134238I will buy from them again along with Pop Funk who gives you  Stickers for free I wish i got a Motorhead sticker

Just Chillin listening to Goth Metal

Goth Metal at 4 in the morning after daylight savings goes forward.

Go Forward young man to save the light?

I watched the Shape of Water with the wife last night we loved it. I’ve been quiet lately been watching the tube working with some water color eventually I want to make my own album covers

I’m overhauling my studio space to expand it to record to paint. I got bags and bags of art Markers. and I’m getting Japanese brush pens tomorrow in the mail. Sweeet!!! 

Its to feel in control of the music which when in my twenties my friend had all the equipment and he wouldn’t let me touch anything he had a great set up He even had a Adat Recorder and a drum machine cake walk.

He got all this stuff and by 1995 he stopped  and did nothing He got all this money trust fund baby.

Long story short I have my own equipment my Own Label I release whenever I want

that’s why its important that you buy my newest album I’ve been working on my dream from 1990 I’m going be 48 years old but I’m happy its bitter sweet. I’ve been evolving in this cocoon trying to finally make a mark  Follow me on spotify I get paid if you listen

all these people in places I can’t pronounce on my states and I don’t whose in Columbus Ohio whoever you are Thank You!