Working on material Ableton upgrade

got a new upgrade of ableton to standard loving the sounds I guess I’m an ableton guy now.  I will say I had one which came with the MiniNova I was under the impression it was forever but i guess its expected you will eventually upgrade. this is faulty info from Sweetwater sales rep. which I reiterate I will only buy music equipment from manufacture. which is sad. I always liked the idea of going into a shop and buying a guitar or an instrument but Guitar center ruined that.

Stay tuned for updates updates



As you can see I have different kind of tiny spirits served by my little robot Isaac of the Love Boat. getting up to speed I’m using a new pair of Skull Candy Head Phones to replace my last pair this pair is more cushiony, and the sounds are very good.

I’m still using the Albeton and recording a lot and I love it

Looking for suggestions for platforms

I’m looking for a new platform, is face book and twitter it? is My space Dead? or just there. Also are you on RPM. as a Label. I’m not ready for CD Baby Yet I was hoping to be able make an album and release in multi formats under one roof so fare no success.


Cannot describe how I feel about this

Would like to thank Robert Rich for his kind Words a person admired for years

 Craig Caudill as FM R IZ has delivered hours of diffuse and floating melodic electronic music in this release Chill Crate Rouge. Distant landscapes, from slow windswept wintry expanses to more urban clouds of rust, drifting orchestral tones sketching meandering harmonies.
Gentle, slightly brooding, softly edgy at times, never static but changing constantly and slowly, it reminds me pleasantly of some of my early work (like Trances & Drones) but with its own personal sonic palette and an even more elongated sense of time. It could be a stimulating soundtrack to creative mental activities like reading, writing, or visual arts. Thumbs up.
                                                   – Robert Rich


I was excited and happy about this platform but i feel just because a an artist is using a free account does not mean the artist has to make all their work available as a free download so suddenly so I had to make each track private myself alone.

I did not want to do this but they forced me to do so because at this point I want to make a living at this. after pointing so much work into this. the late nights the sweat and tears should not be free. unless I decode. which by the way i have free material as a reward for customers who purchase my latest album.

right now I’m l looking for a new fun platform where i can share although i shared on other platforms in the past.