Working on material Ableton upgrade

got a new upgrade of ableton to standard loving the sounds I guess I’m an ableton guy now.  I will say I had one which came with the MiniNova I was under the impression it was forever but i guess its expected you will eventually upgrade. this is faulty info from Sweetwater sales rep. which I reiterate I will only buy music equipment from manufacture. which is sad. I always liked the idea of going into a shop and buying a guitar or an instrument but Guitar center ruined that.

Stay tuned for updates updates



As you can see I have different kind of tiny spirits served by my little robot Isaac of the Love Boat. getting up to speed I’m using a new pair of Skull Candy Head Phones to replace my last pair this pair is more cushiony, and the sounds are very good.

I’m still using the Albeton and recording a lot and I love it

Looking for suggestions for platforms

I’m looking for a new platform, is face book and twitter it? is My space Dead? or just there. Also are you on RPM. as a Label. I’m not ready for CD Baby Yet I was hoping to be able make an album and release in multi formats under one roof so fare no success.