While out of town

I was out of town today and I realized The United States are basically little Countries accept under the umbrella of being United. but although an 90 minute drive drown southward to Louisville and engaged with locals and enjoyed the subtle nuances of cultural variations in the english language. My new word for the day. is “Perfy” which is short for Perfect.
I understood what she was saying but I was taken a back hearing this. and everyone there was nice and Polite. in fact two people I admired come from Louisville. Muhammad Ali and writer Hunter S Thompson. throughout america its like we all speak English but because of figures of speech how and the hell do we expect foreigners to speak English when there to many
I mean no matter how well read I think I am, I realize I forgot the rules not that I care. I always was a fan of the word Ain’t which has been finally canonized in Websters Dictionary years ago including Bling Bling. Not 31 years ago.
over the years I would find myself saying words that spread out into multiple syllables or 2 words much like the all time favorite in the south. Y’all. My all time serious Butchering of Language, as Someone invited to lunch on campus I agreed and said yeah I guess I’ll go WIJUN. in both American and in the UK I think. I should have said Why yes I would like to Join You for Lunch together. I am also including the Typos in writing this
i could go on all day but I’ll leave you with these two Gems I discovered Its just Perfy


I just got my first Japanese Brush Pen and going OMG!! THIS IS AWESOME  as I listen to Bowie at 5  in the morning. Its my birthday month I’m getting old and its bitter Sweet and I’m playing Bowie and its hard. Its still painful

I still have play the the last album Yesterday I drew accidentally a Bowie esque figure with an Alien bent Antennae like my favorite martian it kind of looks like Bowie to me but he’s bald I’m gonna work on it. I’m happy I  a shit load of Water Color and Gauche and some Black Paper . I’m really going to try to design a Album Coverbrush


What I need to

1 I should really focus on writing on this blog because everyone on face book ignores me

2 Make another Tapeotronik Album. Where Philosophy differs from FM R IZ  there I’m trying to perfect My craft with Tapeotronik I don’t give a fuck and its fun and messed up

and can on forever and its like shaming Silence with Noise. Fuck The Buddhists after what they did to Burma. what to enlightenment. when that becomes Selective we are all Fucked.

3 We are all Fucked


okay. after you buy the prime okay I’ve been taking every advantage of free shipping but that comes with serious caveat. one it gets to your house but 90% it gets around your house like next door or outside or two weeks ago my wife actually had to confront the driver who is just a dude. and had to stop him and ask if he had my shit. and he was like said he wasn’t ready to deliver it to me. even it was in the truck or car with him…. what a waste of time.

so I’m buying all these Art Supplies like nobodies business and I bought T shirts And My Flash Gordon T shirt the logo Sucked it too small and the Doctor Strange. The Marvel Comic book T shirt. It Smells of Vinegar. which is the most foul thing you could smell.

So You think Craig stop…. No I get these Art Pens that the Caps are stuck on the pen and you pull the cap and you get black Ink all over your hands. half the pens nice the others … Please!!!

Somebody so stupid me I order 2 pads of black paper, a collector Tin of Black Window Coloring Pencils More Water color and Japanese Brush Pens which marked as a deal for $11. put shipped separately? Why? and for Birthday I wanted to get a Type O Negative T shirt like the one I had and wore every day 25 years. I know I’m a Dinosaur But its Peter Steel…. most of the not available anymore so I ordered A Motorhead T shirt . which after I made this big order won’t come till the end of the month? what What the Fuck is that all about?

After I get all this stuff I’m going  to cancel My subscription and just somethings I need not so desperately. Boy When I get Desperate I fall hard.



Laugh if you must, but as I sit here listening to Cannibal Corpse  I remember Back in the day I was on a quest to find 

 the Heaviest band The fastest the meanest and toughest to listen

I guess I needed some thing to vent an undefinable frustration.
but because of the Myth that i was reminded of This Person Was Syd Barrett. The Legend that was creator of Pink Floyd. Now I liked the Floyd. I was was even fan David Gilmour
Solo work. Great Guitar Player but I never heard Barrett version of Floyd. I only heard the wall and several albums that lamented the Absence of Syd from the from the group. He was still alive and the stories about what happen to him was pure Gossip some true some just stupid and just mean. with that said 30 years ago I went into a record store which i miss and I found a double album of both Syd Barrett albums. Not sure what to expect.  I bought it. back the hunt and find in a record store was an adventure I miss so badly
so I get it home I put it on my turn table. which the process is barbaric by todays standards. but I loved it. Now the music didn’t go 500 miles an hour and earth didn’t shake or the speakers didn’t fall apart. instread what i heard was dreamy happy. something effortless that i remember my first impression I had this unguarded smile the took over and literally  the hairs on the back of my neck raised when  He sang “Well oh Baby MY Hairs on end about YoUUUUUUUUU!!”  I played both albums stunned I never heard anything like before in my life.  Now 30 years later I would say my fascination with Syd is based that I have come to the conclusion that Syd Barrett was a Haunted Man. This is not my fact I came to this theory after Watching an episode of Electric Dreams based the short Stories. I just saw the 3rd Episode and It opens to Steve Bushemi waking to a song by Syd Octopus Ride. Which I was not recording and I though maybe Pink Floyd refused to allow the song be used for movies.
Image result for STEVE BUSCEMI
Not sure why they used this song or the reference to play it 3 times beginning middle and end.  I read 2 biographies about Philip K Dick it seemed to be straightforward Classical music.
the ending is very ironic because it ends with Steve Buscemi being kicked off a Boat holding his favorite record. the irony is according to the first book He divorced his first wife for throwing his Records out the Window. I’m sure that there was other reasons but the Icing on the cake.  I guess the point of this is how our tastes in music is shaped.