slow recovery

In Drake Hospital from Pneumonia NO COVID New album on hold until I get home. but I need to take it easy from now on. will be on Brainvoyager April 4th

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stay well be safe. My heart is with Italy and everyone in recovery

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vault-door-frontCOMING SOON! THE VAULT!

Ever wondered what you can create for 5 to 10 hours and not have to change a disc fiddle with a record needle or sifting through your playlist as that one commercial just killed your creative juices?

Well this may help. Painstakingly crafted  sound to put you into that zone.

This is not that Zeta Theta brain stuff subliminally making you smarter (yeah right) There maybe a few surprises along the way. so keep watching this page for updates, Go to the Blog section for updates,



FM R IZReleased on September 25, 2019, via SCRYMSHAW REKORDS, FM R IZ’s new EP, Ephemeris, delivers an impressively hypnotic listening experience. The title track begins with the distant sound of a helicopter accompanied by droned string synths that build with intensity as new information is added.


Spiraling outward into a cosmic expansion, “Ephemeris” is not your typical electronic dance beat, but rather like a captivating soundscape that haunts and excites. It’s significant to mention that the music contains no vocals; instead, the electronic drums and synth textures create the dialogue. Sometimes agitated, and other times working clockwise in organized cogs, this song is a sonic pictograph of the inner workings of the artist’s brainwaves.

Slightly more than halfway through, the beat and arpeggiated synths drop out, leaving only the droned strings in an eerie call and response. This moment of sonic void adds to the already built-up suspense in the air, leaving the listener on their toes for what’s coming next. Finally, a low, heavy drone billows out from underneath the arrangement like a black hole enveloping all of the sound to end the song.

“Funnel Cake Vision” offers a more upbeat experience with frosted drumbeats, handclaps, and flange-y synths that resemble guitar strums. Shifting tectonically through industrially metallic timbres, this song is a great example of the modern age, futuristic synth wave trance music. FM R IZ whirs out warbled fragments of sampled sequences, dropping out and adding new information with each section to create a sort of multi-layered conversation between the percussion and synths. Reaching more than seven minutes in duration, “Funnel Cake Vision” makes it easy to get lost in the listening experience – washing over your mind, body, and soul like a hypnotic lullaby. The song is a galactic extraction of the subconscious mind that is both meditative and transports the listener to another realm.

The most upbeat of the three tunes, “Pure Cinema” grabs and holds the listener with its fast-paced hi-hats and drowned out synth twinkles. A very dance-able electronic trance soundscape, “Pure Cinema” is not a song that you’d typically put on a radio hits playlist. It is great music though to work along to, drive along to, or, naturally, to have a psychedelic experience along to. FM R IZ taps into the vortex of space, time, and sound, developing the song with great use of arranging by adding, dropping, and reintroducing transformative information. A welter of shrill, high-pitched synth waves pierces your eardrums, while lower arpeggios give structure and foundation to the otherwise dizzying fractals of sound. Suddenly, but as natural as death itself, the end of “Pure Cinema” dissipates into a silent void, leaving the listener in a relaxed state of inertia.

FM R IZ’s new EP, Ephemeris, is named suitably by definition: an astrological almanac revealing the positions of a heavenly body on a number of dates in a regular sequence. The music takes the listener through various dimensions of electronic arrangements as carefully articulated as the stars in the sky.

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Write about it tell your friends You want to be IN SYNTHED and learn about the constellations

Self titled album Ephemeris by FM R IZ

out now.


Updates end of Summer E.P.

Wow this summer has just came and went and I’m like where did summer go? Well I have been recording learning my equipment. having Ahhhh Hahhh Moments. I’m learning it pays to invest in your equipment. I Love My Ableton. I’m loaded with soundes and every day is an adventure. and I love PUSH2 keypad. I have to I paid some money for it.

I’m working on New album I’m planning on a release but until then I’m thinking of puting out an EP until then.

I removed old tracks from my sound Cloud. I liked them but Lot of you guys did check it out so I have new stuff to add there some time. I also have been painting and drawing in my water color journal, so anyway here is a sneak peak of what may be on the album

Let me know if you like it

Glacial Noir

Yes New Album!

Perhaps the hardest album I put out in a long time. I think its out in most outlets just choose your fave in your country and enjoy.



New releases

I will be releases perhaps 2 new albums soon. and I am currently working on recordings specifically with films in mind and here is an example