Looking for suggestions for platforms

I’m looking for a new platform, is face book and twitter it? is My space Dead? or just there. Also are you on RPM. as a Label. I’m not ready for CD Baby Yet I was hoping to be able make an album and release in multi formats under one roof so fare no success.


ableton software

I have made my final decision as to who I work with because of simplicity and from personal mistakes I feel vindicated after loss of of money I’ll never get back and yes time.

I have decided to buy the ableton. after the failure of presonus and Cake walk software. which did not work at all on an older computer as well as a newer computer. I would not recommend any of those products to anyone

I will go one step further to save anyone any headache i will not buy a product from guitar Center. accept a guitar but since i am left handed I would have to special order one. the one i own works fine and I would also add Sweet Water in the mix of my mistakes. their tech support is dreadful, and they don’t know their products and they never call you back.

This would not happen and I don’t care I would change my coment if they bought me a computer that can house a DAW. from my expererience One a Daw is installed the DAW is the master of that domain. You would have to have a different computer for each DAW.

Lastly Never buy from From B&H they are mean and nasty people and rotten tech support.

I have been holding off on this bit of personel experience for 3 years now. and take my advice. buy from manufacture ONLY. ACCEPT PRESONUS OR CAKEWALK. Presonus offered no tech support. or answered any email.

I am working with ableton software and having the time of my life.

I’m gearing up with the next album I love my new studio gear. I’m working the bugs and learning how to use it. Its important that a learning curve is minimum.

Because Novation and the fact Sweetwater Failed to tell me I would need to buy more products from ableton that withing a year I would lose all my stuff having known that I would done something to keep my equipment.

this is why I say buy from manufacture only. I did not say they could make write with the problem but that software is out of date and I take that as a loss. so I expect no gestures from stores

New Release from my side Project

Halloween Tapes Vol 2

Fantom on Beta Max
                                             CLICK ALBUM COVER TO GO TO ALBUM

You are  in realm betwixt 1975 to 85 with various machines. you peruse Tapes of memories of family 

friends and those  we love and the forbidden forgotten moments



I was excited and happy about this platform but i feel just because a an artist is using a free account does not mean the artist has to make all their work available as a free download so suddenly so I had to make each track private myself alone.

I did not want to do this but they forced me to do so because at this point I want to make a living at this. after pointing so much work into this. the late nights the sweat and tears should not be free. unless I decode. which by the way i have free material as a reward for customers who purchase my latest album.

right now I’m l looking for a new fun platform where i can share although i shared on other platforms in the past.



Hello I’m sending a promo video of my latest album I hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/rEG7eEmYj7g
The challenge of making a second album is making it tighter sharper then a digital release which could go on forever if you let it. Here is 69 minutes of pure beats and and progression. this is not merely a best of compilation like the last but new material with the drama that comes with it which demanded it.  each track is a moment leaving traces behind.
New disc of new music from FM R IZ  ready to drop ship wherever in the world. Let me know your buying it. and will send payment method.
WRITE TO  craigwerk8@gmail.com  to purchase
Each purchase comes with a free gift of your choice of a CHILL CRATE  as you wait for you package to arrive in the mail.  FOR MORE DETAILS READ BELOW.
Shipping OptionsUSPS First Class Mail,2-5 business days$4.73
UPS Ground,1-5 business days$17.17
UPS 2nd Day Air,2 business days$30.42
UPS Next Day Air Saver,1 business day$50.17
and while you wait each purchase comes with your choice of 2 files of long ambient music for background music for your create projects or headphones to block out external sounds as you read. take your pick of
CHILL CRATE                                                          CHILL CRATE 2.0
DOLPHIN                                                                     ROUGE
TOTAL OF 7.2 HOURS                                            6.8 HOURS