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The latest Album by FM R IZ (Ephemeris) is out now! A 14 track project of tightly crafted EDM both unique and organic in scope and range with old skool influences .

1 Radio Advert : Opens with old Skool Homage to 70’s 80’s radio advertising which falls into an ethereal drum beat in Mello Dance track titled 2 Air Mail which fails into 3 Never Stopped almost Tribal Metallic percussion with Computers keeping the ship going Then 4 Gyroskope is a serious track that keeps you under Surveillance. Making sure your behaving. very heavy on Drums and bass drenched in sure Paranoia.

The Next track 5 Lapis Lazuli is a Hypnotic Percussion with ringings from Far away Cave of Magical Stones. Then Title Track 6 Space Juice is that annoying music for Tropical Drink Commercials that remember when you were a kid with Aggressively Loud Arp that stops you dead in your tracks.

SPACE JUICE electronic music album

We then return to 7 Radio Advert (Dance Dub) with a constant beat with mixes of flamenco guitar the album goes further to what is definitive Single on the Album. heavy on bass and snare with a delicate arp groove with creamy feel and percussive finish. The 8th Track Passive Aggressor is a beginning of Favorites with good old fashion grooves and smooth Arps to back it up with Heavy bass and Computerized Musings. TRack 9 Seriousorang AKA Serious Orange, Starts out slow and takes off like an Orange Rocket with hard drums Trajectory pounding topped to an Arp Cosmos.

!0 Born to be Baked in a fast paced Dancable track that keeps going 11 another Favorite is Dial Tone, Back in the day you would call someone on pay phone get into a booth and come back out either angry or Super Man
12 Jet Sabr is another Fave With slow heavy starts and stops on the drums with a hint of Sax. 13 Persona Bubble is personal Jam For people who are alone this belongs only to you its quiet until the middle builds with lazy high hats and heavy snares and building Synth groove. Now Last the 14th Track In My Dreams, Another Fave and Definite end of an album as cryptic it is perhaps a Frightening Dreamy dance track that is the stuff of nightmares

The Artist Craig Caudill After four years of Solo work with different names RED Wave Cloned in Brazil Now with FM R IZ he begins a coherent version of himself and in the Case of Space Juice harnessing his work tightly Progressing his craft. Space Juice is a look back at the sounds that seeped into our consciousness in every jingle elements things both good and bad inhaling the best and worst like osmosis.


many thanks to Dereck Higgins for his review of my physical disc which is on sale




I have been jamming with Hawkwind for two days with a very young Lemmy which delights my heart. and drawing super killer Markers eventually I want to design my own album covers with my art work. So I’ve been practicing.

Recording Finished

I am now Ready to finally pick songs for new album. My contest to name album is still going. if you have a album title and I pick you will win the double album file which includes out take and promotional video if i make one for it. your name will go on the album in the credit when that happens. and my website and social platforms the album will not be a double a best of the double album so much tighter. email me at to participate be part of my history


I am working on possibly a double album and I’m having a contest to name the album do you want to perhaps have a slice of immortality? do you want bragging rights of naming an album distributed all over the world? If so then just put on your thinking cap on and come up with a name for my album. if I like it. I may use it and in return you will be credited on my website and all of my platforms I currently use. you will also be given a down load of the album including outtakes and alternate mixes I  may even include  another album. This is not a cash prize contest. Contact me on face book twitter and google and let your creative mind guide you in this mission.

Contest ends late January. plenty of time.