New releases

I will be releases perhaps 2 new albums soon. and I am currently working on recordings specifically with films in mind and here is an example

Being sick

Hi Took some time off with close to pneumonia  with weeks of antibiotics.  I started working on stuff and did some retouching. well the sickness gave me time to back  up the truck and really listen to what I’m doing anyway wish me well.

Soon I will be changing my set  up the studio may get a boost of newness. will show and tell later

Hats off to Gary Holt

for voicing his stance on trump in a disagreement with Tom Araya. It truly is the end of Slayer for me anyway. Which Slayer was a beautiful cause of intrigue

I have a lot of feelings about this and yet I’m not a critic. But in saying  This subject was very pivotal and very special to me and my youth, and now as an old man the news is bitter Sweet

I saw Exodas During the Toxic Waltz Fabulous Disaster Era and Yes I had a great Time

I will always have respect for Gary and Dave Lombardo especially.  For He in my opinion is the greatest Drummer ever.

I wish everyone else in the band a wonderful life no matter our politics. but I ask. although we get older and yes more conservative than we realize. but do we have to be weirder caricatures of our parents?  Gary-Holt