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The latest Album by FM R IZ (Ephemeris) is out now! A 14 track project of tightly crafted EDM both unique and organic in scope and range with old skool influences .

1 Radio Advert : Opens with old Skool Homage to 70’s 80’s radio advertising which falls into an ethereal drum beat in Mello Dance track titled 2 Air Mail which fails into 3 Never Stopped almost Tribal Metallic percussion with Computers keeping the ship going Then 4 Gyroskope is a serious track that keeps you under Surveillance. Making sure your behaving. very heavy on Drums and bass drenched in sure Paranoia.

The Next track 5 Lapis Lazuli is a Hypnotic Percussion with ringings from Far away Cave of Magical Stones. Then Title Track 6 Space Juice is that annoying music for Tropical Drink Commercials that remember when you were a kid with Aggressively Loud Arp that stops you dead in your tracks.

SPACE JUICE electronic music album

We then return to 7 Radio Advert (Dance Dub) with a constant beat with mixes of flamenco guitar the album goes further to what is definitive Single on the Album. heavy on bass and snare with a delicate arp groove with creamy feel and percussive finish. The 8th Track Passive Aggressor is a beginning of Favorites with good old fashion grooves and smooth Arps to back it up with Heavy bass and Computerized Musings. TRack 9 Seriousorang AKA Serious Orange, Starts out slow and takes off like an Orange Rocket with hard drums Trajectory pounding topped to an Arp Cosmos.

!0 Born to be Baked in a fast paced Dancable track that keeps going 11 another Favorite is Dial Tone, Back in the day you would call someone on pay phone get into a booth and come back out either angry or Super Man
12 Jet Sabr is another Fave With slow heavy starts and stops on the drums with a hint of Sax. 13 Persona Bubble is personal Jam For people who are alone this belongs only to you its quiet until the middle builds with lazy high hats and heavy snares and building Synth groove. Now Last the 14th Track In My Dreams, Another Fave and Definite end of an album as cryptic it is perhaps a Frightening Dreamy dance track that is the stuff of nightmares

The Artist Craig Caudill After four years of Solo work with different names RED Wave Cloned in Brazil Now with FM R IZ he begins a coherent version of himself and in the Case of Space Juice harnessing his work tightly Progressing his craft. Space Juice is a look back at the sounds that seeped into our consciousness in every jingle elements things both good and bad inhaling the best and worst like osmosis.

I OPENED AT THE 94 SPOT ON The OWM Top 100 Chart March 2018

I’m so honored  go check out the show down below but if you go to the station page it repeat later on today. tell them Craig or FM R IZ sent you.
77 New Entry Soniq Theater Squaring the Circle 157
78 42 ↓ 36 Natalie Jean Haiti Mwen Renmew 156
79 New Entry Rodrigo Rodriguez Classical Music Legacy of Japan 154
80 13 ↓ 67 Kathryn Kaye Reflected In A Flowing Stream 153
81 New Entry Ae Topus Totem Totum 151
82 New Entry Chad Hewitt White Space 150
83 91 ↑ 8 Renascence 2440 Millennial 149
84 68 ↓ 16 Frank Pels Piano Miniatures 148
85 86 ↑ 1 Doug Woods & Colin Powell Sally Caster and Denks and Klade – The
Mechanical Girl Takes Revenge 147
86 New Entry Andrew Kinsella Cosmic Dawn 146
87 New Entry Wychazel Akashic Dream 145
88 77 ↓ 11 Uwe Gronau When Every Word Was Singing 144
89 59 ↓ 30 Scott Lawlor Transition 143
90 25 ↓ 65 Jeff Pearce From the Darker Seasons 142
91 30 ↓ 61 MyklH Dark Light 141
92 26 ↓ 66 NoizeFilter Music Ambient Road 140
93 New Entry Michael Whalen Kiss the Quiet 139
94 New Entry FM R IZ Migration of the Fae 138
95 New Entry Greg Maroney Winter 137
96 New Entry Ian Boddy & Erik Wallo Meridian 136
97 New Entry Jim Pearce A Piano Story 135
98 44 ↓ 54 Bernward Koch Filled with Light 134
99 New Entry Santolo Maratta The Origin of the Universe 133
100 64 ↓ 36 Sherry Finzer & Peter Sheridan Traveler 13

A Letter From One World Music Radio

Hi Craig

We just wanted to let you know its chart time on One World Music Radio, your album Migration of the Fae has just entered the chart as a new entry. The new World Top 100 Chart Show is to air Sunday at 5pm UK, Midday EST, and will be available to listen to as a podcast after it has aired at on the chart show page, where there will also be a link to download a pdf of the chart showing all the chart points awarded to each album.

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Steve and Chrissie

What I need to

1 I should really focus on writing on this blog because everyone on face book ignores me

2 Make another Tapeotronik Album. Where Philosophy differs from FM R IZ  there I’m trying to perfect My craft with Tapeotronik I don’t give a fuck and its fun and messed up

and can on forever and its like shaming Silence with Noise. Fuck The Buddhists after what they did to Burma. what to enlightenment. when that becomes Selective we are all Fucked.

3 We are all Fucked


Laugh if you must, but as I sit here listening to Cannibal Corpse  I remember Back in the day I was on a quest to find 

 the Heaviest band The fastest the meanest and toughest to listen

I guess I needed some thing to vent an undefinable frustration.
but because of the Myth that i was reminded of This Person Was Syd Barrett. The Legend that was creator of Pink Floyd. Now I liked the Floyd. I was was even fan David Gilmour
Solo work. Great Guitar Player but I never heard Barrett version of Floyd. I only heard the wall and several albums that lamented the Absence of Syd from the from the group. He was still alive and the stories about what happen to him was pure Gossip some true some just stupid and just mean. with that said 30 years ago I went into a record store which i miss and I found a double album of both Syd Barrett albums. Not sure what to expect.  I bought it. back the hunt and find in a record store was an adventure I miss so badly
so I get it home I put it on my turn table. which the process is barbaric by todays standards. but I loved it. Now the music didn’t go 500 miles an hour and earth didn’t shake or the speakers didn’t fall apart. instread what i heard was dreamy happy. something effortless that i remember my first impression I had this unguarded smile the took over and literally  the hairs on the back of my neck raised when  He sang “Well oh Baby MY Hairs on end about YoUUUUUUUUU!!”  I played both albums stunned I never heard anything like before in my life.  Now 30 years later I would say my fascination with Syd is based that I have come to the conclusion that Syd Barrett was a Haunted Man. This is not my fact I came to this theory after Watching an episode of Electric Dreams based the short Stories. I just saw the 3rd Episode and It opens to Steve Bushemi waking to a song by Syd Octopus Ride. Which I was not recording and I though maybe Pink Floyd refused to allow the song be used for movies.
Image result for STEVE BUSCEMI
Not sure why they used this song or the reference to play it 3 times beginning middle and end.  I read 2 biographies about Philip K Dick it seemed to be straightforward Classical music.
the ending is very ironic because it ends with Steve Buscemi being kicked off a Boat holding his favorite record. the irony is according to the first book He divorced his first wife for throwing his Records out the Window. I’m sure that there was other reasons but the Icing on the cake.  I guess the point of this is how our tastes in music is shaped.