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Wonderful News listen to me on my latest album SPACE JUICE



What I need to

1 I should really focus on writing on this blog because everyone on face book ignores me

2 Make another Tapeotronik Album. Where Philosophy differs from FM R IZĀ  there I’m trying to perfect My craft with Tapeotronik I don’t give a fuck and its fun and messed up

and can on forever and its like shaming Silence with Noise. Fuck The Buddhists after what they did to Burma. what to enlightenment. when that becomes Selective we are all Fucked.

3 We are all Fucked


many thanks to Dereck Higgins for his review of my physical disc which is on sale

Recording Finished

I am now Ready to finally pick songs for new album. My contest to name album is still going. if you have a album title and I pick you will win the double album file which includes out take and promotional video if i make one for it. your name will go on the album in the credit when that happens. and my website and social platforms the album will not be a double a best of the double album so much tighter. email me at to participate be part of my history