What I need to

1 I should really focus on writing on this blog because everyone on face book ignores me

2 Make another Tapeotronik Album. Where Philosophy differs from FM R IZ  there I’m trying to perfect My craft with Tapeotronik I don’t give a fuck and its fun and messed up

and can on forever and its like shaming Silence with Noise. Fuck The Buddhists after what they did to Burma. what to enlightenment. when that becomes Selective we are all Fucked.

3 We are all Fucked

reading dr sleep by stephen king

not sure if I’ll record today, wife asleep and it’s way too early.

speaking of this  novel its better than his latest in a long time….. yes i said it. I love him but i said it. I’m sorry. its not like We’re going to be good friends or anything being honest. however i would love to do the film score. if Stanley Kubrick were alive.